Catnip gameplay

After six months of hard work, my group of 11 people produced Catnip, a 3D stealth game using our custom game engine. The game’s goal is for the player to sneak past the enemies located at the various parts of the house while ensuring their and the kitten’s safety.

In this project, I was allocated to multiple tasks — from the editor to the gameplay. For the editor, I did various debugging tools — the profiler, and debug drawing for the various objects in the scene. I also did the input system for the game, which was in charge of detecting whether the different keys were triggered or held. Even though I was primarily responsible for the audio system, I also did other mini tasks such as producing the 3D art assets, producing sound effects and scripting for the different features of the game and creating the button class.

Art assets
Final conclusion

As this project comes to an end, I would like to thank my teammates for giving me the opportunity to try out new things. I would also like to thank the professors who had guided us along in our journey and encouraged us knowing that we were facing issues.