Hi, I’m Mira Lanka!

I’m an aspiring Software Engineer passionate about both the technological and design side.

Mira Lankatharan

—— A Computer Science Student in her Penultimate Year at SIT-Digipen

During my last year of pursuing Communication Design, I designed a farming game to educate children about the benefits of vegetables as part of my Final Year Project. Becoming more interested in game development, I took the leap to pursue Real-Time Interactive Simulation at DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.

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This was the first project that required us to work on creating a custom 2D game engine and producing a game with it. As such, it was a good learning…



After six months of hard work, my group of 11 people produced Catnip, a 3D stealth game using our custom game engine. The game’s goal is for the player to…

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